Harrison + Haelly Sealing | Provo City Center Temple | Utah Wedding Photographer

In 2017 Harrison and Haelly got married on August 11th. I was their wedding photographer at the venue Wadley Farms. (It was GORGEOUS and if you want to see their wedding photos click here.) Fast forward to a year later, and they were sealed together in the Provo City Center Temple exactly one year from their wedding. How special is that?!

On their sealing day I unfortunately woke up with the worst cold ever. (Which later found out it was probably strep- whoops). But, I didn’t want to miss it! This family became such good friends to me (I did Haelly’s entire wedding, engagements, and bridals, etc., and then made both her and each of her sister-in-laws wedding album keepsakes). SO I woke my husband up and he willingly (okay not so willingly) came with me to carry my stuff and to basically talk for me because my voice was gone! Miraculously by the time they came out of the temple I was able to pull myself together and didn’t act sick at all. Everything went great and I think being near the House of the Lord had a little something to do with that blessing. :)