frequently asked questions

WHat Should we wear?

If you book with me I will send you a “What to Wear” guide! It talks about picking outfits based on location, your personality, skin tone, and so many other super helpful things! Ultimately, you want to wear something that you are 100% comfortable and confident in.


where should we go?

 I have so many recommendations for you! If you are in Utah, you are so lucky in the fact that literally any type of location you could want is basically within an hour away. Mountains? Check. Desert? Check. Wildflowers? Check. Pinetrees? Check. Lake? Check. Urban city rooftop? Check. Once you book I will send you a location guide to help you choose a location that fits you. If you aren’t in Utah, I’ve got so many resources to help us find a location that is exactly what you want.


how long are your photoshoots and how many locations can we do ?

Engagements and Formals are usually are 1-1.5 hours. Engagements include one location, with up to 3 outfit changes. Formals can include 2 locations within reasonable distance from each other. 


Can we get the raw files of our photoshoot?

Unfortunately I don’t give out RAW files (Most programs can’t read my RAW files anyways!). If for some reason you are unhappy with an edit and you want something re-edited, I am more than happy to do that for you! Please don’t be afraid to tell me you aren’t satisfied with something, my goal is to make sure you are 110% happy with your photos! 


how do we get our images from you?

I use this AWESOME photo delivering website where I upload all your full-resolution photos to, send you an email, and BAM. They’re yours! You can download all the full resolution files, create a favorites list, and you can even download an app to view them on your phone too! Best part? It stores your photos for up to TEN YEARS.


do you offer prints?

YES! I love printing your photos! I work through a professional lab that I have used for several years, and they are extremely affordable. I also create wedding albums where we sit down one-on-one and go through all your wedding photos and pick ones you want included, then I go home and design it, send it to you for approval, and then send it of to be printed! They’re super great and if you want to see examples click HERE. 


do we have printing rights?

YES! Your contract you signed covers your rights for personal printing use. You can also access a print release HERE. 

do you travel?

Abso-freakin-lutely! I would LOVE to travel to you for all your special occasions! I do ask that you cover my travel expenses (which I am an avid traveller and I can usually find super great deals so it usually comes out to be pretty cheap!). I also discount my session rates for out-of-state brides in order to make the added travel expenses more affordable. 



I do offer video as well, but I don’t advertise it very much! I offer it for pretty affordable prices because I’m newer to the video scene, so message me HERE to ask about it!



I have a 3 week turn-around time for any session. 90% of the time you will get your photos before that deadline, unless it is a very busy wedding season time for me! 



Yes! I’m insured through